Neami staff participated in a recent study about stigma.
Inclusion and mental health: professionals compared

Stigma, including self-stigma, can be a major barrier to people seeking support for mental health issues. A recent study undertaken by researchers from the University of Queensland suggests that employees’ attitudes in Community Managed Organisations (CMOs) and mental health nurses may create a low stigma inclusive pathway to seeking, and continuing to receive, mental health support. 172 Neami staff along with staff from two other CMO’s participated in this study.

The attitudes assessed included measures of inclusiveness as well as work related attitudes (e.g., job satisfaction, commitment). Findings were compared between people working in CMO’s, mental health nurses, GPs, Psychiatrists and Psychologists.

Findings also demonstrated that people working in CMOs and mental health nurses are committed to their work, derive satisfaction from their work, are strongly committed to their profession and are generally committed to their organisation.

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