Journey of recovery

Declan recently contacted us to share his journey of recovery.

"Mere words alone are not enough to accurately convey the ways in which Neami has helped me. In the time we’ve spent together they’ve helped me to realise and actualise my goals and dreams, and to take steps towards them, something I once considered impossible.
What those goals were and what I’ve done are inconsequential, as what I wish to impart is not tales of grandeur or of mediocrity but merely that I did it, and that you can too.

There’ll be no illusions here, Neami did not solve all of my problems and I am not yet at the end of my journey. But they helped me find understanding in many things I knew, but could not truly comprehend.

Happiness and life are not destinations or fixed states of being but something we constantly struggle for. As with all relationships in life, whether they be work, friends or lovers, they all are two way streets requiring effort from both parties.

When I fell, Neami helped me get back up, encouraging me to try again or to review and become introspective. It was this introspectiveness which allowed me to find the path that I currently walk.

I am happier now than I have ever been, a misleading statement as my life is a daily struggle but I no longer fear the coming days. All things, no matter how big or small started as nothing more than simple steps. You will miss all of the shots you don’t take. You will tell yourself that you can’t but you can, you need only try."

- Declan 

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