"Encouragement is crucial and it really helps"
Kicking the habit in Cairns

The Kick the Habit program supports people to manage their tobacco use in line with the most recent evidence as well as Neami's holistic approach to health and wellbeing. The program includes coaching support and nicotine replacement therapy and consumers are also offered the use of a carbon monoxide monitor.

Kick the Habit is also a current Neami research project in partnership with the University of Western Australia, spanning several locations, and while the Cairns CCU is not one of those locations, they decided to try the program.

During the implementation review, participants said that they felt supported by both coaching and nicotine replacement therapy and that the carbon monoxide monitor was helpful. One consumer commented "encouragement is crucial and it really helps".

Plans have been made to continue the Kick the Habit in Cairns to support consumers to manage their tobacco use.

Some preliminary results from the wider Kick the Habit project shown that approximately half of the participants agree that smoking had a harmful impact on their mental health. Of the 19 consumers who participated in the research program for a month, 11 people reduced their tobacco use and four have stopped smoking altogether.

Croakey recently published a pair of articles discussing smoking and smoking cessation amongst people with mental health issues. One article calls out sector myths about the topic, while another addresses the barriers to quitting. 

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