Local artist donates to Neami
Malcolm Berry will make a donation from the proceeds of his 'Relics' exhibition

Artist, actor, and creative, Malcolm Berry has a new exhibition showing at the Collingwood Gallery.

Malcolm will be donating a portion of the proceeds of his Relics exhibition to a number of Mental health organisations including The Mental Illness Fellowship, MAPrc, (Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre), and Neami – services that he sees as “outstanding organisations supporting people who live with mental illness”.

Malcolm’s is connected to Neami through his work in property maintenance, starting through a Mental Illness Fellowship program and now working with a number of Neami sites.

As a person with a lived experience of mental health issues, he is keen to make people aware that this has not impeded him from achieving his own personal and professional goals and that with the right support, “mental illness is not a complete disaster that will destroy your life.”

This is clearly evident in Malcolm’s own achievements with his ‘Relics’ exhibition only the latest in a long line of creative feats – Malcolm started his acting career at 12 and his first exhibition was at the age 17 and has practiced and taught  as an actor and artist in a range of contexts.

His work on the Relics exhibition is inspired by Jung’s Red Book. Jung commenced creating the Red Book shortly after his split from Sigmund Freud. Jung seemingly had everything he wanted in life at this time - family, career success, wealth although he was still searching for more. The Red Book, is Jung’s own journey to find his soul and documents his dialogue with his subconscious and inner archetypes.

These archetypes feature strongly in Malcolm’s 2D and 3D works for this exhibition with the story of Apollo and Coronis and other myths appearing in his complex and brightly coloured work.

Relic’s is showing from 24th April to  7th May at the Collingwood Gallery.

For more information, go to the Relics Facebook page here.

Event start and end date
24/04/2015 to 28/04/2015