Announcement from the CEO
Neami Board of Directors

I am writing to advise that Stephen Brand is stepping down from his current role as Board Chair and will be staying on with Neami as a Director.

Stephen joined Neami Board of Directors in 2006, during a time of considerable growth for Neami. Stephen, who had been Vice President, took on the role of Board President in 2011, when Julie Anderson stepped down. At this time the Neami Board developed a new set of strategic directions for 2011-14, with the mission of improving mental health and wellbeing in local communities. I would like to warmly thank Stephen for his enduring commitment over the past 10 years, guiding and positively contributing across a period of exponential growth and success for Neami.

I am also delighted to announce two new appointments: Sonia Law as new Chair of the Neami Board of Directors and Brad Wynter as Vice Chair. Sonia, who is Corporate Counsel with Forensicare, has served as a Neami Board Director since 2012 and was appointed Vice Chair in 2015. Brad has served as a Neami Board Director since 2011.

It is a terrific development to see the baton passed to such experienced and capable Neami Board members. I am confident that this transition supports a continued alignment with our mission and values and will only further enhance our capability to continue to reach-out and move forward into 2017.

​Arthur Papakotsias
CEO, Neami National 

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