Neami National is proud to support Marriage Equality
Neami National endorses a ‘Yes’ vote as an official supporter of marriage equality

Neami National is proud to support Marriage Equality. We respect every person equally and believe that marriage, as a public institution, should be open to everyone.

We understand the importance of equality and social inclusion in achieving our vision of full citizenship for all people. In line with our vision, mission and values, we endorse a ‘YES’ vote in the national postal survey on Marriage Equality to send a strong message that all Australians are equal and valued.

Whilst endorsing a ‘YES’ vote, we recognise and respect that people will vote in line with their values and conscience on this issue.

As a national mental health provider, we recognise the impact the current debate on this issue may be having, particularly on LGBTIQ staff, consumers, their family, friends and carers. We encourage anyone feeling this impact, to reach out to seek personal or professional support.

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