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Neami supports marriage equality

Community mental health service, Neami National, has announced its formal support for the campaign for marriage equality in Australia. Neami joins a large number of organisations and individuals who are calling for an end to discriminatory laws barring same sex couples from marrying.

Neami National CEO, Arthur Papakotsias, said that Neami’s vision aspires to full citizenship, measured through equality and social inclusion, for people living with mental illness across Australia – and that the same principle applies in respect to other groups within the community.

‘We oppose discrimination and social exclusion regardless of whether it is caused by bad laws or by social prejudice and stigma. These things must be challenged and overcome wherever we find them.

‘Neami National has added our name to the list of organisations who formally support marriage equality in Australia. We respect every person equally and believe that diversity in all its forms enriches our organisation, our services and our community.

‘We also recognise the established evidence around the negative health impacts experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people in our community. Discrimination, prejudice, stigma and violence translate directly and indirectly into poorer physical and mental health outcomes. Our goal is a society where all of us can live our lives in good health and with respect and dignity.’

Mr Papakotsias encouraged other community services and individual Australians to visit and show their support for marriage equality in Australia.

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