“The appointment of a consumer co-chair is a significant step"
New co-chair of Research and Evaluation Committee appointed

Neami National is thrilled to announce Dave Peters as the new co-chair of Neami’s Research and Evaluation Committee. Dave will be working alongside Arthur Papakotsias, Neami’s CEO, who has chaired the committee for the past eight years.

Anne Easterbrook (consumer committee member) says “The appointment of a consumer co-chair is a significant step, it’s something to celebrate! It is recognition of the value of consumer participation in this space, and it should allow for a fuller representation of the party that is most affected”.  

Dave brings his experience as a person who has used Neami’s services to support his recovery and a strong curiosity and interest in how research can drive innovation in mental health practice. He has been a consumer member on the committee for the past two years. What has stood out over time is that Dave has a strong ability to communicate with and engage the variety of members who make up the committee.

Dave has extensive experience as a Consumer Consultant in a variety of settings. He says “I am passionate about developing ways and means for consumers to get further involved as advocates, and to further the battle against stigma, both in the community and in our own minds”.

Neami’s Research and Evaluation Committee was created in 2009 to develop Neami’s capacity to undertake research. During its time the committee has proven to be a valuable collaborative space where ideas, knowledge, and expertise gets shared among researchers, consumers and Neami staff thus leading to research that has greater:

•    Relevance and applicability

•    Integrity and validity

•    Distribution of power and control.

As Dave says “I believe that is one of its strengths”. “Over time we have developed a real partnership and opportunities for researchers, academics, service delivery personnel, management and service users to come together and meaningfully contribute to help improve services and ultimately to improve outcomes for consumers”. 





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