The four ex-battery hens have settled into the pecking order.
Noble Park YRR welcomes new therapy chickens to the nest

Neami’s Noble Park Youth Residential Rehabilitation (YRR) service has welcomed four new residents – Roast, Nugget, Penny and Gary. The four ex-battery hens have settled into the pecking order and are living comfortably in their new purpose-built hutch. Staff and residents at the service worked together to build the hutch so the chickens could settle in and recuperate.

The other week saw an inaugural egg laid.

The residents and Neami staff team are excited to have the chooks on board, and are looking forward to exploring the therapeutic impact the chickens will have on the YRR community.

A special mention goes to Peer Support Worker Emma Grose for her tireless work in writing the proposals and selling the idea to management, and for all her effort into turning this dream into a reality.

Every morning I have a reason to get up out of bed as I need to check that my mate Gary has had his morning cuddle and has enough food and water. It makes me happy to see them rolling around in the dirt and enjoying their new home.” – YRR Noble Park resident.

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