Evaluation of PARC services
Results show a 51% reduction in hospital admissions after a PARC entry

In partnership with cohealth and North Western Mental Health, Neami have undertaken evaluations of the effectiveness of the Northern and Arion Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) services in Victoria.

Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) services provide short-term site based support for people who are at risk of requiring hospital admission or who are leaving hospital and require additional support to successfully transition back into the community and avoid relapse. The PARC services offer 24-hour support and a range of individual and group rehabilitation and recovery programs.

The PARC evaluation focused on an analysis of acute inpatient hospital admissions and length of stay for consumers up to one year before or one year after their PARC entry.

Results showed a 51% reduction in hospital admissions after a PARC entry and a 57% reduction in the total number of days spent in hospital inpatient units.

These outcomes suggest that PARC services are having their intended impact of reducing hospital use for consumers of mental health services. These outcomes represent an exciting first step in evaluating PARC services and the ongoing development of these services.

Find more information about the evaluation outcomes here.

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