Neami in the media
Transformed by Art

Top: Blooming Burst of Colour by Ingrid De Ruyter. Bottom: Waterfall by Robbie Gruden

Neami Arts Coordinator, Vaso Hay and consumer and artist, Betty, recently spoke to Radio Adelaide about the Sentimental Journey Art Exhibition and the role of art in recovery.

Sentimental Journey is one of a number of annual exhibitions showcasing the artwork produced at the Comet and Drawn Together Art Groups, which are held at Neami Elizabeth and Murray Bridge.

"Every artist that comes to the groups has an individual style of artwork and everyone has a… recovery journey" - Vaso

Jennie Lenman from Radio Adelaide asks Vaso and Betty what it is about art that has such a positive effect on mental health.

"For me, it's about refocusing and getting away from the chaos. Bringing thoughts into focus, losing yourself into the creative outlet, and forgetting about everything that's outside." - Betty

"It's a sense of ownership that you've created something. It's a way of expressing what you're going through, you can share your story with the public through exhibitions, and it's that creative side that helps you keep busy and keeps the mind active." - Vaso

L​isten to the full interview at Radio Adelaide.

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