Supporting self-determination in consumers and carers
An Update on the Supported Decision Making Project


Neami is a major partner in an exciting research project run by Monash University and University of Melbourne Australian Research Council. The joint interdisciplinary project investigated and supported the rights, agency and self-determination of people in the mental health system.

The “Options for Supported Decision Making to Enhance the Recovery of People with Severe Mental Health Problems”, project was led by Associate Professor Renata Kokanovic (Monash University). It received support through a partnership with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and five major NGOs that support mental health service and delivery in Victoria: Neami National, Mind Australia, Tandem Carers, Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council and Wellways (formerly Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria).

A key output of this project was the production of two online resources based on research participants’ stories of living with severe mental health challenges, and also carers’ experiences.

Keren Wolstencroft, Neami National Research Co-ordinator, said "When we decided to partner in this project we thought it was a great idea...but it has proven to be an incredidbly valuable resource for consumers, their family members and staff". 


Launched in June 2016, these resources remain hosted on the Healthtalk Australia Website:

Mental health and supported decision making: Lived Experience perspectives

Mental health and supported decision making: Carers’ experiences

For additional information about the project, visit the project website.


Note: the ethical aspects of this research project have received approval by the Human Research Ethics Committee of Monash University.


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