Your Voice Can Make a Difference
Service Improvement report 2014/15

This report ‘your voice can make a difference’ provides a snapshot of many of the service improvements, innovations and developments that have occurred in the last twelve months. It provides an opportunity to showcase the contribution and valuable impact of consumer participation in our organisation and demonstrates Neami’s commitment to ongoing quality improvement.

This year, Neami welcomed five Consumer Participation Officers to the team. This means that there is now one key contact for all consumer participation work in each state where we work. The Consumer Participation Officers are working with staff and consumers to increase state-based consumer participation opportunities.

Looking back over the last twelve months we saw that1,911 hours of consumer participation were provided by 287 people. This compares to 600 hours in 2014 and includes activities such as:

  • Being on interview panels
  • Participating in research
  • Membership of working groups and committees
  • Co-presenting at conferences
  • Contributing to the development and evaluation of programs.

A few highlights of the last year include:

  • Consumer membership on the Culture and Safety; Person Centred Practice and Resourced for Performance Committees
  • Participation in the evaluation of the Collaborative Recovery Model and the Neami Health Prompt
  • Co-production of major publications and our new website
  • Co-design and co-production of the Sustainable Living Program
  • Positive feedback from consumers about Launching Pad

More information about these initiatives and other examples can be found in this report.

Looking ahead our priorities include:

  • Development of a framework to embed carer participation into our way of working, led by the new Carer Consultant
  • Completion of a Diversity Framework to improve our responses to people from culturally diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, people with a disability and people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex or asexual
  • A consumer led research project
  • Recruiting a Consumer Evaluator to work with staff and consumers to evaluate the consumer participation strategy
  • Developing the Peer Workforce Framework to improve our understanding of the vital role peer work plays within Neami
  • A scholarship program for graduates of Launching Pad to further their education in mental health or related fields.

If anything in this report is of interest to you or you would like to be more involved, please get in touch with your support worker or contact us on (03) 9481 3277 or at

This report provides an opportunity to showcase the contribution and valuable impact of consumer participation in our organisation.