Working together

Formal and informal partnerships are central to our service quality as well as our organisational performance.

We have a range of partnerships at national, state and local levels. These include both formal and informal partners.

These cover service areas such as mental health, community health, welfare and social support, culturally diverse communities, training, housing and homelessness, local government, arts and culture and recreation and healthy living.

In addition, we collaborate with policy and research bodies to develop evidence and engage with health and mental health systems.

We partner with corporate and philanthropic partners to strengthen the work we do and find common ground between our aims and those of the people we work with.

As we grow and develop, putting down roots in new areas and connecting with new people, we look forward to expanding the range and scope of the work we do with other organisations.

Key partners
Funding partners
Corporate, pro bono and philanthropic partners

Service, research and community partners

They are collaborative partners, learning from others and interested in improving the mental health system
Jeff Cheverton, Executive Director Commissioning at North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network