Health Literacy
Exploring the Health Literacy of Consumers and Workers

Health literacy refers to “the achievement of a level of knowledge, personal skills and confidence to take action to improve personal and community health by changing personal lifestyles and living conditions.” Studies have shown a strong correlation between low health literacy and poor health outcomes. Health literacy levels are thought to more accurately predict health status than educational level, income, ethnic background or any other socio-demographic variable.

As a service provider with one-on-one contact with people living with severe mental illness, Neami National is in an optimal position to examine, support and promote health literacy amongst consumers. Profiling various domains of health literacy among consumers will provide valuable information to consolidate successful practices and identify areas for development. Neami recognises the importance of undertaking a parallel approach to the health of staff and consumers. For this reason, this study includes measurement of health literacy for Neami staff.

This project will attempt to fill the current research gap around health literacy among people living with mental illness in Australia, provide Neami and other community mental health services with an indication of the health literacy gaps, and provide direction as to how we can address these in a strategic and sustainable manner. If you would like to know more about this project please contact Serhat Turut

Who is involved
Neami National and Deakin University
Project status
Project timelines
Monday, August 28, 2017 - 17:00