Staying summer and skin smart
Mind the Weather
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In warm weather, it is important for consumers and staff to be vigilant in managing their physical health. The risk of heat illness and skin trauma (sunburn) increases significantly during the summer months.

Every individual living with mental illness is considered more 'at-risk' of heat illness than the broader population.

A recent review of Neami’s Health Prompt data identified skin checks were the most common unmet physical health area among consumers (75%) and staff (74%). We also found that 40% of consumers report they are not drinking enough water.

Our Mind the Weather initiative responds to these health risks by delivering basic health information and continued support to consumers.

We regularly update our 'Skin Check Booklet' and 'Managing Your Health and Wellbeing During Hot Weather' resource (see below). We also encourage everyone to discuss how they will seek support and provide support around these issues, especially in preparation for heat waves.

You can use the resources below to support a healthy summer as we continue to promote and support healthy preventative behaviours among consumers and staff during hot weather.

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For more information, contact the Health Promotion Team.

We found that 40% of consumers report they are not drinking enough water during warm weather