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Exploring the use of the CRM across Neami

The introduction of the Collaborative Recovery Model (CRM) as Neami National’s service delivery framework for improving recovery and wellbeing began in 2009.  

Neami initiated a research project: An Exploration of the Application of the Collaborative Recovery Model (CRM) with the University of Wollongong collaborated with us on the study.

Our commitment to evaluating and improving services meant it was important to take stock of whether our practice closely adheres to the guiding principles, therapeutic structure and LifeJet protocols of the CRM.  We wanted to know what is working well and where we can improve.

The aim of the project was to assess whether the CRM was being delivered as intended by its designers (Implementation fidelity).

Measures were designed by the developers of CRM and adapted for use in this study after consultation with consumers and CRM Fidelity Study staff.

The project draws on a range of data sources including:

  • Online Staff Survey
  • Consumer Evaluation of CRM
  • Staff Evaluation of CRM
  • Documentary evidence  of LifeJet Protocol usage
  • Staff Interview Feedback

Researchers with a lived experience were an important part of the research team.

Results indicated that 80% of the time consumers rated the frequency by which they received services in line with the guiding principles and therapeutic structure of the CRM in the ‘usually’ or ‘always’ range.

Staff self-ratings in applying the same practices were similar to consumer ratings.

Neami has worked to embed the vital components of the CRM model within the culture, structure and practices of our organisation. The CRM research project forms part of an ongoing process to strengthen and maintain fidelity to the model.

More Information

This is one of five reports from the CRM fidelity study. We will be publishing the upcoming reports on our website or you can contact the Research team for further information.


'It's not just the support and guidance but the overall positive attitude and language used It helps me to understand where I am at, gives you someone to talk to, there is interaction that is productive.'
Consumer participant comment