Learn life skills together
Community programs

We provide a variety of group programs in all states that bring together people receiving support from us around areas of common interest or need. These groups might be focused on health issues or they might address people’s goals or aspirations for the future.

The common thread is that they are there to provide both guided and peer support to help people pursue their health and wellbeing goals.

Flourish, a group program facilitated by peer support workers and based on the Collaborative Recovery Model, is one example of a group program that we are offering across all states and is available to every person who comes to us for support in their mental health recovery.

Another Community Program is the Optimal Health Program- participants are encouraged to identify their vulnerabilities and strengths, as well as their awareness of mental and physical health needs. The program aims to educate people about how to maintain their everyday health and develop strategies for dealing with potential health issues.


Pictured: Emmah and Michelle