Take a break to get well
Step Up Step Down and Residential Rehabilitation

For any person living with serious mental illness, understanding their health and being able to identify and manage symptoms is vital.

In many cases, an early intervention can prevent acute episodes, hospitalisation and higher level trauma.

Prevention of acute episodes and support for recovery are essential elements in our outreach-based mental health support and the Collaborative Recovery Model.

Short-term site-based prevention and recovery services can play an effective role in avoiding hospitalisation, supporting rehabilitation, and transition back into the community following discharge.

We provide site-based and outreach support which involves a short stay of up to 6 weeks, generally less, in shared accommodation with 24 hour on-site staff and a balance between structure and downtime. 

Individual work

We work with you to reduce distress from mental illness and to avoid admission or re-admission to acute inpatient hospital care.

We support you in the following areas:

  • Assessing your immediate and long-term needs
  • Monitoring your safety and wellbeing
  • Developing a relapse prevention plan
  • Liaising with clinical services, carers and the community
  • Referring to community supports upon leaving
  • Developing exit plans and facilitating family involvement where appropriate
Group work

The main group program we provide is the Optimal Health Program, which focuses on:

  • Recognising symptoms
  • Monitoring early warning signs
  • Developing an action plan to support
         - daily coping skills
         - managing symptoms and medication
         - relapse prevention
  • Understanding stress, vulnerability and coping
  • Maintaining wellness and overall health

The Optimal Health Program begins in a group setting but recognises that recovery is an individual process. Staff assist you to meet your personal goals.


We currently provide prevention and early intervention services in Geelong, Preston, Perth, Broken Hill and Cairns.


Pictured: Stefan and Maria