Hear from Neami staff about our work

‘I’ve been with Neami for nearly seven years now. I was the Senior Practice Leader and then Acting Manager, but then had a year off with my little girl about three years ago. I came back part-time.

Every Neami service is different, just like every place is different. There’s a local flavour, a different energy. I’m from Sydney originally and have done lots of travelling. I somehow settled here. I was lucky, had some good friends. Before Neami I was running a youth program in the Hunter.

Prior to that, I was running an all women landscaping business. Before that I was a masseuse.  And now I live five minutes from work, doing something I love. It’s a great gig.’


Pictured: Jo and Jude

'Every Neami service is different just like every place is different, there’s a local flavour, a different energy.'