Why work with us?
Three reasons to work with us
High quality services

We have a fundamental commitment to provide each person we support with the highest quality services possible that match their values, strengths and goals in life.

We base our work on the best evidence available and have our own Research and Service Development Teams. We also have an in-house Learning and Development Team that offers comprehensive training to all staff throughout their time with us.

Our service model is based on the University of Wollongong’s Collaborative Recovery Model, which underpins all our services and provides for consistency and measurable outcomes.

We also incorporate the Optimal Health Program from St Vincent’s Frameworks for Health, our own Physical Health Prompt and other complementary tools and approaches as needed.

Learning and innovation

We have grown and developed a lot in the last four years, with a doubling of the number of people we support and in the staff who support them.

This growth and development can be directly attributed to the quality of our services and the culture of learning and innovation that drives us as an organisation. We believe in learning new things, considering new perspectives and testing out new ideas as we find better ways to do things.

We are always looking ahead to ensure we can take advantage of new opportunities and respond to any risks or issues that are facing us and our sector.

Support for staff

Everything we do to support people to improve their mental health and wellbeing relies on our talented, well-trained and passionate staff members.

We know that providing support to people with complex needs is challenging, as are many of the other corporate roles within our organisation.

That is why we provide a supportive environment, comprehensive training, generous leave provisions and workplace flexibility measures to help people balance work and personal commitments.


Pictured: Farshid

'Straight out, I love this organisation, it really looks after staff. We’re about outcomes for people and communities. It actually walks it, doesn’t just talk.'
Staff comment